"Grandmother" is an unnamed actress who appears in the first episode of the Korean drama of Liar Game. She is an actress from JVN who was placed in the town center to conduct a secret trial to invite possible participants into the Liar Game Tournament. It is possible that Kang Do-young organized her to be stationed at the right place so she could invite Na Da-jung.


The woman asks multiple people for directions, but to no, avail she asks Na Da-jung. However, Da Jung responds that she is in a rush. She walks off but hesitates for a moment. After a small amount of deliberation, she returns to the woman and tells her she will help. Na Da-jung protects the woman from the incoming traffic and directs her to where she wants to go.

She also helps her carry her bag until the woman exclaims that she needs to go to the restroom. Purposely, the actor leaves Da-jung to see if she is able to join the Liar Game Tournament.

While the woman leaves, Da-jung watches the bag until she returns. After a little over an hour, the woman does not return and Da Jung becomes worried. She searches for her but with, but with no luck, she calls Sung-ja for advice. She tells her that she should leave it there but Na-jung dithers about what to do. Sung-ja suggests she should open the bag, so Na jung does and finds a large amount of money stored inside.

Comparison to the Liar GameEdit

  • This character doesn't appear in the Manga. Instead, participants take part in Round I when the box of money is opened.
  • Instead of a bag on money in the K-drama, it is stored in a box.