Abe Yukiko
Name Abe Yukiko
Japanese 阿部由紀子
Romaji Abe Yukiko
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 103
Age Senior
Occupation Peaceful Paradise Founder
Major Relationships Mikamoto Mika, Kimura Kei, Harimoto Takashi (Peaceful Paradise Followers)
Abilities Scamming, Manipulation
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Abe Yukiko, nicknamed "Black Ponytail", is one of the three known members of Harimoto Takashi's cult to proceed to the Fourth Round.


Abe appears as a slightly larger woman, dressing in simple clothes and a devoted follower in Harimoto's cult, and is known as the "500-year-old one" because of the less time she has spent there as opposed to Mikamoto Mika and Kimura Kei.



In the past, Abe was beaten by her mother's suitors and regarded as a "good-for-nothing" by her own mother. Because of this, she was ready to give up on life until she was discovered by Harimoto. Using his "cold reading", he managed to persuade her to go to his cult and become a devoted follower.

Round FourEdit

At the beginning of Round 4, Harimoto had gotten all four of their members in the Liar Game up to the fourth round. Abe had mainly plotted along with them, voting for Kimura when it was necessary.

However, she began to play a bigger role when Nao came up to her and asked her to tell about herself. She refused, showing open disgust, and explained about the Peaceful Paradise Cult- that their belief was that once, demons had invaded the earth and crossbred with the humans, causing most of the population today to be hybrids. She went on to say that Harimoto was the one human closest to having completely pure genes, and that was the reason for her worship. She abruptly stops talking and walks away.

However, Nao's continued efforts to talk to her eventually start getting to her and she little by little starts showing desires to join forces with her.

Eventually, Abe starts suggesting Harimoto to join forces with her group, causing Harimoto to become seriously angry at her and starts shouting her in a similar way Abe's mother used to, eventually calling her "useless", which seems to crush her.

When Harimoto gets tired of her constant suggestions, he tells her to stay away from the strategy and just do what is told because she is useless, which brings her to tears; Nao appears and asks her if she could help them because they need her help. She responds that she can't help because she is useless and Nao immediately tells her that "no one is useless."

Finally convinced, she exclaims, crying, that she wants to help her.

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