Akagi Kouta
Akagi Kouta
Name Akagi Kouta
Japanese アカギ コウタ
Romaji akagi kouta
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 30
Age 25
Occupation Italian Chef in Training
Major Relationships Unknown
Abilities Loyalty
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Akagi Kouta was part of the Third Round's Northern Country, and later allies with Akiyama and Nao.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Akagi has orange hair, represented by white in the normal pages. He wears a red bandanna (his official nickname is "Bandanna") around his head and a shark tooth necklace, with loose, baggy clothes. He is not a very good liar or even actor, so he usually picks a side that he likes and stays on that side for good. This does, however, make him very hard to negotiate with, so it could be said that his loyalty is his best asset in the Liar Game. He is also quite the artist, as Nao points out on occasion.

Plot Edit

Round IIIEdit

Akagi is first seen in Round 3 on the Northern Team. He is fooled by Akiyama into believing that the Southern Team didn't really take the Northern team's money, and subsequently works for Akiyama. At the end of the third round, he opts to continue in the competition after being inspired by Nao.

Round IVEdit

In the fourth round, Akagi was also seen as a part of Akiyama's group. He seemed to go along with all of their decisions, even sacrificing himself to become Gaya when they began to run out of chairs.

Revival Round IIIEdit

After losing the Fourth Round of the Liar Game with enough money to drop out, he sends enough money to Nao to clear her debt through Tanimura Teruo and begs her to drop out of the game, as well.


  • Akagi was given a rank of D in the Liar King Quiz Results, the fourth highest. It is said that he is not fit to become king, but would do well as his or her assistant.