Chapter 3
Liar Game - Chapter 3
English Declaration of War
General Information
Chapter No. 3
Volume Volume 1
Pages 30
Japanese Release September 16, 2005
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Declaration of War is the 3rd chapter of Liar Game.

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Synopsis Edit

Waiting outside his house, Nao announces to Fujisawa that she will take every last yen of the 200 million yen, as ordered by Akiyama.

In a flashback, Akiyama is discussing his plan with Nao in his apartment. He tells her that she needs to do two things: make it clear that she has decided to fight in the game and to keep a close eye on her enemy at all times.

Nao does as she is told and keeps watch of Fujisawa at a close distance, but wonders if this method would really get her the 200 million yen. Nao and Akiayam take turns watching Fujisawa.

As Fujisawa is returning home from grocery shopping, Akiyama confronts him and claims that he will definitely take the 200 million yen, claiming that he has a great plan. Fujisawa, shocked, runs into his house.

Fujisawa, now noticing that he is being watched, calls the police on them. Nao, who is in a car nearby, hears the police coming and drives off. Afterwards, Akiyama laughs, saying that he knew this would happen, so he rents out an empty house across the road from Fujisawa for a month. The duo continue taking turns watching Fujisawa from the rented house when Nao asks for an explanation as to why they are doing this. Akiyama explains that they are driving Fujisawa into a psychological corner, likening the strategy to scams. Akiyama also says that by watching him all the time, he has figured out that the money is not in a bank but rather it is inside the house.