Eda Teruyuki
Name Eda Teruyuki
Romaji eda teruyuki
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 7
Age 26
Occupation Antique Bookstore Employee
Major Relationships Unknown
Abilities N/A
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Eda Teruyki is a participant in the Liar Game Tournament. He was No. 2 in the second round.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Eda is a rather large man with short, dark hair and tends to dress in casual, button-up shirts. He is a described by Kanzaki Nao as a complete chatterbox, shown when he wouldn't stop talking when asked about his experience in the tournament. He is, as Yokoya Norihiko showed, rather easy to manipulate. 

Despite this he reacts much like many other contestants and tends to do what he has to in order to win.


Round IIEdit

Eda first appears waiting in a large banquet hall, waiting along with the others participants. After Leronira finishes explaining the game, he is shown waiting in the lobby. When Kanzaki Nao goes around asking players about their experience in the Liar Game Tournament, he is one of the players that wouldn't stop talking. He is mentioned by Kanzaki as she is brainstorming the possible identities of Mr. X. Eda loses in the second round by the first question, and he proceeds to the revival round.

Near the end of third question, it is revealed by Fukunaga Yuji that the two had formed a group consisting of 8 people, similar to Akiyama Shinichi's group.