Name Eri
Japanese エリ
Romaji eri
General Information
First Appearance Episode 2
Age Young Adult
Occupation LGT Officer
Major Relationships Hasegawa (Father), Tanimura Mitsuo (LGT Companion)
Abilities Persuasion
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Eri is one of the most prominent LGT Officers in the drama. She is played by Kichise Michiko.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Eri has short black hair, and wears a suit and tie through her appearances. Her personality seems nearly nonexistent, since she merely follows orders from those more powerful than her. However, she has shown kindness towards her father, Hasegawa, and also is one of the few who understands that Kanzaki Nao is a serious competitor in the Liar Game. She usually is the dealer of the rounds when Leronira is the host, and has shown competence in being able to recruit Akiyama Shinichi time and time again.