Name Forli
Japanese フォルリ
Romaji foruri
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 84, Episode 16
Age Unknown
Occupation Liar Game Dealer
Major Relationships Kurifuji (Assistant Dealer)
Abilities winning
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Forli is the dealer of Group 2's Fourth Round Qualifier along with Kurifuji in the manga, and of the Semi-Finals in the drama. He is voiced by Kiyama Shigeo in the latter.


Forli Drama

Forli's puppet in the drama

In the manga, he appears much as the other round dealers, with a suit and bowtie. His clothes are a bit scraggly-looking, and his mask resembles the facepaint of a clown in the Renaissance, with long, oval markings on each of his mask's eyes and its mouth. The markings on his left eye is blue, the right eye red. His mouth is green and both markings on his forehead and chin are yellow. His hair also stands out quite a bit. In the drama, we generally only see one half of the puppet's face, the other half being blocked out by a combination of shadow and lens distortion, but he appears to be made of felt, with a green cone hat and red felt around his revealed eye. There is a bit of red "hair" sticking out of the hat, and his nose is the same color, as well as being slightly golden in appearance. He wears a suit and white bowtie.


He has quite a personality in the manga, serving as a foil to Kurifuji, rooting for Akiyama and Nao as opposed to her rooting for Yokoya. He tends to fall completely for all of Akiyama's plans, even though he's not involved in them and he knows all the rules of the game. He also gives the rules with a bit more style and flair than some of the other Round Officers. During the Fourth Round, he expresses great surprise towards unexpected turns of the situation and therefore appears to be less inteligent than the other officers. Because of this, he serves as the "reader's voice", as he is always the dealer that asks questions about what had just happened.

In the drama, there are no such quirks, his personality being inseperable from Leronira or Solario.