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Fujisawa Kazuo
Fujisawa Kazuo
Name Fujisawa Kazuo
Japanese 藤沢和雄
General Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation School Teacher (fired)
Family Unnamed Ex-wife and child
Abilities Lying, Teaching
First Appearance Episode 1
Portrayed by Kitamura Soichiro
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Fujisawa Kazuo is a participant of the Liar Game Tournament. He is Kanzaki Nao's opponent in first round. He is portrayed by Kitamura Soichiro. Like many of the characters in the J-drama adaptation of the Liar Game manga, Fujisawa closely resembles his manga counterpart: Fujisawa Kazuo.


Fujisawa is a middle-aged man with large glasses and black hair.

Changes from the MangaEdit

  • Instead of being three masked officers that greet Kazuo at 6:00, it is three unmasked women, one of whom is Eri, a major character.
  • Instead of it being Akiyama himself that steals the money from Kazuo, it is one of his employees.