Fukunaga Yuji
Fukunaga Yuji
Name Fukunaga Yuji
Romaji fukunaga yuuji
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 7, Episode 3
Age Unspecified
Occupation Nightlife Worker (Alias, Manga)
Major Relationships None
Abilities Crossdressing (Manga), Voice Immitation (Drama), Lying, Playing Games
Ability Statistics
Knowledge 3/5
Intelligence 4/5
Wits 4/5
Acting Ability 5/5
Willpower 2/5
Charm 3/5
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Fukunaga Yuji is a participant of the Liar Game Tournament and is the second antagonist of the series who later sides with the protagonists. She was No. 3 of the second round. She is played by Suzuki Kousuke in the drama.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Fukunaga Drama
Fukuyama Feminine

Fukunaga's feminine side in the Manga

When she first appears in the manga, Fukunaga is under the alias of Hitomi Miyahara and appears as a woman. When like this, she wears a long, blonde wig that goes just past her shoulders and makeup to make her look more feminine. Her eyes are blue, and both her eyes and hair are represented by white in the non-colored pages. Her breasts are of unknown nature, though it has been hinted at that they are a combination silicone and naturally grown breasts due to hormones. She generally wears a miniskirt, high heels, and a shirt that shows off her bust. Once she reveals herself as a transgender woman, it is shown that her hair is naturally blonde, which is represented by neutral grey in the normal pages. She otherwise seems unchanged.

In the drama, Fukunaga is a male with a black bowl-cut, earning him the nickname "Kinoko (Mushroom) Head" by several players. He wears large glasses and usually has a scarf around his neck.

In both the manga and drama, Fukunaga is a person who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. When trying to hide that, she acts like a caring individual who was pulled into the game by force. She is also quite dramatic when she wants to be, and is easily angered. She is also quite cunning and a socialite, even worming her way into all three groups during Round II.

In the manga, Fukunaga is a trans woman. Kanzaki Nao has voiced that she believes Fukunaga to be in love with Akiyama Shinichi. She is feminine enough that nobody doubts her gender, hinting that she may have a naturally high voice.

In the drama, Fukunaga crossdressed in the beginning of the round to lure suspicion away from himself and onto all women. He is also quite good at immitating a female voice, though he needs to press his finger against his Adam's apple to do so.