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Never trust anyone.
— Ha Woo-Jin

Ha Woo-Jin is a genius swindler who graduated from the prestigious Seoul National University. He is one of the main protagonists of the Korean adaptation of Liar Game.


Life as a con-artistEdit

After Woo-jin sees the destruction of L Company, his actions are ultimately found out by the police. As the police search for him, Professor Ha is teaching a psychology lesson about lying. He advises is class that they should "Never trust anyone.". To prove this thesis, Professor Ha asks the class a number of questions and glances at each pupil to detect if they are lying. He counts the number of lies, he can detect—almost instantly and comes to a deduction of 9. The police cars draw nearer, as Woo Jin announces that this lecture was his last. He puts his hands behind his head and waits for the police to arrest him.

During his prison years, he meets Jo Dal-goo; who along with his prison mates found Ha odd as he read his books upside down.


  • Lie detecting - Woo Jin is famously known for how quickly he can detect if people are lying. He observes their microaggressions to an accurate degree of success. However, he finds this ability difficult when faced with Kang Do-young.

Comparison with the MangaEdit

  • Ha Woo-jin is based on the character, Akiyama Shinichi. His name has been changed to a Korean name so it fits the setting of South Korea.
  • His own past and his mother have changed significantly. Although unknown to him for the majority of the drama, he has known Kang Do-young (based on Yokoya Norihiko) and Nam Da-jung (based on Kanzaki Nao), in his childhood years.