Harimoto's group is a group of four participants of the Liar Game Tournament, who were under the orders of Harimoto Takashi. Although Harimoto's words are absolute, it is later revealed in Revival Round III that the mastermind behind the group's plans and tactics is actually Harimoto's second-in-command, Kimura Kei.


Harimoto's group consists of three members of the Peaceful Paradise Cult and their leader, Harimoto Takashi. The group were not actually invited into the Liar Game Tournament, but learned about the tournament through a woman seeking help. The woman was the girlfriend of musician Kashiki Yuuya, who was dragged into the tournament and ended up with debt. Kimura decided to have the group participate in the tournament in order to persuade Kashiki to a become member of their cult, which would most likely cause Kashiki's thousands of fans to join the cult as well. For this reason, they went to the site of the first revival round and the four members became representatives for Kashiki, Matsuma Fuuwa, Takashima Katsushi and Sakuma Kanichi.


Harimoto's group participated in the tournament from the first revival round onwards, and were introduced to the story as a very powerful group who crushed many players in the Round IV Qualifier. They are first shown standing around the island at Round IV, and from here become enemies of Yokoya Norihiko and Akiyama Shinichi. After a harsh fight during this round, Harimoto's group ends up being the first of the three alliances to fall into gaya rank, and no members of the group make a profit at the end.

Due to the entire group losing in the fourth round, Harimoto's group participates in group A of the third revival round. The group fights against Akiyama and Kanzaki Nao, and end up winning. However, Harimoto is extremely moved by Kanzaki, and decides to withdraw the entire group from the tournament once and for all.


The four members of Harimoto's group are:

Players who allied at one time or another with the group are: