Name Hasegawa
Japanese 長谷川
General Information
Gender Male
Age Adult
Occupation LGT Investor
Family Eri (daughter)
Abilities Logic, Painting
First Appearance Episode 11
Portrayed by Kitaoji Kinya
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Hasegawa is an investor in the Liar Game Tournament. He is made exclusively for the Japanese drama, and is played by Kitaoji Kinya.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Hasegawa suffers from a deadly illness, and as such is a very gaunt fellow. He has graying hair and a white 5 o'clock shadow. He usually wears a black suit and hat, and he has a cane with a silver ornate head that he carries around.

Hasegawa can usually be found painting, playing chess, or drinking tea in his room as the game progresses. At the beginning of the episode, he seems to have lost all hope for humanity and created the Liar Game for the purpose of proving to himself that what he did in his life was unavoidable. Over time, he is transformed into an honest, hopeful man by the efforts of Kanzaki Nao.



Hasegawa spent most his life as a con man and made his fortune by cheating his way through life. He had decided to invest in the Liar Game Tournament a while before the start of the series, wanting to prove that his actions were the right thing to do. However, he was amazed when he found Kanzaki Nao helping a young boy get ¥1 back even when the boy said he no longer wanted it. He wanted to see more of this foolish honesty, so he made sure to send her an invitation to his Liar Game...

Liar Game, Rounds 1, 2, and RevivalEdit

Hasegawa had been creating a painting long before the game started that depicted grotesque humanoids clutching and grabbing at each other to get out of a large pit. He asked his daughter, Eri what she thought it looked like. She responded with "Hell". The painting itself was supposed to represent life and man's struggle to get out.

When he heard that Nao had failed the second round, he was confident in that honesty is not a factor in life. However, Eri recommended that he give Nao another chance, to which he told her to do what she wanted. Leronira appeared on his monitor not long after, stating that it would be unwise to do so, since the losers were supposed to remain losers, and only the winners advance. Hasegawa replied that he had his reasons.

Final RoundEdit

Second SeasonEdit

It is revealed by Eri in a speech to Akiyama Shinichi that Hasegawa was not the head of the LGT, but rather one of its many investors.