Hasegawa Hiroshi, was a participant in the Third Round. He was able to drop out of this round.

Hasegawa Hiroshi
Name Hasegawa Hiroshi
Japanese N/A
Romaji hasegawa hiroshi
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 29
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Major Relationships Yokoya Norihiko, Akiyama Shinichi, Akagi Kouta, Shibayama Yuusuke
Abilities Keeping Secrets
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Appearance and PersonalityEdit

He is a tall, bald man. He wears a chain necklace around his neck. He is quite forceful in opinion. He is also able to act quickly and effectively.

Liar Game, Round 3Edit

He was a part of the Northern Team. He tricked Kitamura Hiroto into depositing the Northern Team's ATM money into his account. He later betrayed Yokoya Norihiko by Akiyama Shinichi having Akagi Kouta and Shibayama Yuusuke use Yokoya's tape recorder to pass a message to him. He later was able to transfer the money from the Southern Team's ATM back to the Northern Team's ATM. He dropped out after Akiyama Shinichi and Kanzaki Nao put themselves into debt to pay his and the other two defectors' debts.