Hosoe Jyun
Name Hosoe Jyun
Japanese ホソエジュン
Romaji hosoe jiyun
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 7
Age 24
Occupation Corporate Employee
Major Relationships Unknown
Abilities N/A
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Hosoe Jyun was No. 18 in the second round of the Liar Game Tournament and one of the six contestants to join Kanzaki Nao's group.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Hosoe is a woman who looks to be in her mid-twenites and has long hair which flicks outwards. She wears clothes that fit with her occupation, a blouse and a smart skirt. She is a rather nervous and somewhat indecisive woman who seems to worry about even the smallest deatils. It is hinted that she may be lonely in her life as she spends lots of her time in host clubs.


Hosoe spent much of her free time in host clubs, becoming addicted to them. She spent time with one host who consistently pressured her and as a result she ran up large amounts of debt. She considered getting the money back by selling herself but was unable to gather the courage to do it.


Round IIEdit

Hosoe first appears in Round II when she was picked by Leronira to ask a question during the practice round. After worrying over what to ask, the question she chose was "Are you a woman?" During the break she was seen speaking with Tamura Makiko and Nishihara Reina.

Hosoe was one of the six chosen to be in Nao's group because she was female and therefore couldn't possibly be Mr. X. She voted "No" in the first round, and was subsequently eliminated. She was able to drop out thanks to the efforts of Nao and Akiyama.