Ishikawa Yukihito
Ishikawa Yukihito
Name Ishikawa Yukihito
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First Appearance Chapter 140
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
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Ishikawa Yukihito is a participant of the Liar Game Tournament. He is nicknamed Cap & Beard. 

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Ishikawa wears a jacket over a shirt and jeans. He also wears a cap and has a black beard and moustache, hence his nickname Cap & Beard. He has mid-length hair, which comes out the back of his cap.


Revival Round IIIEdit

Ishikawa first appears standing around a dance hall, which is the site of group B's third revival round. He stands around as Rabelais introduces himself as the dealer. Ishikawa becomes one of the winners of this round.

Round VEdit

Ishikawa is seen crowded around the site of the fifth round with the other players. Ishikawa shouts alongside the other players when the dealer, Artier, says that this round will be the finals, as he is afraid of being unable to clear his debts. After the Collective Ghostleg Lottery, Ishikawa is assigned player number 13.