Kimura Kei
Name Kimura Kei
Japanese N/A
Romaji kimura kei
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 103
Age Senior
Occupation Peaceful Paradise Founder
Major Relationships Harimoto Takashi, Mikamoto Mika, Abe Yukiko (Peaceful Paradise Cult)
Abilities Scamming, Manipulation
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Kimura Kei, nicknamed Shortbob, was one of the winners who moved onto the Fourth Round, and was a part of Group 1 of the Fourth Round Qualifier. She is currently competing in Group A of Revival Round III.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

She has short hair, and is very thin. She is in the Peaceful Paradise Cult, which is led by Harimoto Takashi. She obeys any plan Harimoto has, and does it with no question. Kimura is smart, sharp-witted, skillful, ambitious and cunning. She possess an overly analytical quick mind.

Liar Game, Round 4Edit

She was one of the three winners in the mock game. She earned a map to three hidden chairs, but gave it to Harimoto to use instead.

Liar Game, Round 4 1/2 Consolation Round; Bid PokerEdit

She is revealed to be the real leader behind Peaceful Paradise Cult. After suffering a tragic love, so she quit her job. That's when she came across Harimoto's "Peaceful Heaven". Harimoto's silver tongue was enough to brainwash most of his followers, but that wasn't the case with Kimura. And so, she charmed him, using her profound natural talents. Then, she manipulated Harimoto, who fell for her, into making him her right-hand man. After she got that position, she decided to reform the cult. She decided to stay behind the shadows.