Name Kurifuji
Romaji kurifuji
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 87
Age Unknown
Occupation LGT Officer
Major Relationships Yokoya Norihiko
Abilities High Intelligence
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Kurifuji is a member of the LGT Office and co-hosted the Fourth Round Qualifier with Forli. She is also in charge of Yokoya Norihiko.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kurifuji is a young woman with long, black hair, which she sweeps to one side. She wears sunglasses and a surgical mask instead of the traditional full-face mask to hide her identity. She wears a grey suit with a black turtleneck jumper instead of a traditional shirt. Kurifuji has shown that she is intelligent, as she was able to quickly decipher many of Akiyama Shinichi and Yokoya's complex strategies. Despite being in charge of Yokoya, she seems to be rather uncomfortable around him, though she does show her support for him during the Fourth Round Qualifier.