Kusano Koutarou
Kusano Koutarou
Name Kusano Koutarou
Japanese N/A
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 171
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
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Kusano Koutarou is a participant of the Liar Game Tournament. His nickname is Pineapple.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Kusano has light coloured, tied up hair which somewhat resembles the top of a pineapple, hence his nickname Pineapple. He has a goatee and a horizontal stripe markings under each of his eyes. He wears a light t-shirt.

Kusano seems to be quite cowardly, shown when he is crying and shouting about wanting to go home.


Round VEdit

Kusano first appears when Artier reveals that the fifth round would be the finals of the tournament. He is shown to be extremely shocked, and is also seen crying, shouting that he wants to go home. After playing the Collective Ghostleg Lottery, Kusano is assigned player number 4. Kusano is shocked to hear that the game that will decide the player groups is called Human Auction.

Kusano is the fourth person to go during the Human Auction, but stands there silently with no one bidding on him. He is not affected by this, however, as he believes that all he needs to do is get onto Yokoya or Akiyama's team.

Kusano watched in shock as Yokoya and Akiyama both fought for Nao.