The LGT Office is the company behind the Liar Game Tournament, and whose true aims are shrouded in mystery.

LGT OfficeEdit

The Office itself is responsible for handing out the letters and postcards to its contestants that illustrate the rules of each game. The cards are usually very well-written and involve white text on a black background with decorative borders, and what appears to be its visual logo, a baby angel at the top. Not much else is known about the office, except that they are supposedly attempting to find what they call the "King of Liars", or someone who stands atop all others as the world's greatest liar.

LGT OfficersEdit

The Officers' main job is to guide the contestants through the rounds of the Liar Game. Many have been seen, and all seem to share a white, Renaissance-style mask (except lower-rank officers, who are only given medical masks along with sunglasses) and a suit and tie.

The chief executive officer (CEO) of the LGT Office is Artier, as revealed in Chapter 140. He also acts as the dealer of Round V.

Round OfficersEdit

These are high ranking officers, and are in charge of explaining the rules of the game, as well as maintaining the game.

Unknown RankEdit

These workers are of unknown rank. However, part of their job is to watch over a player, informing them of the details of the games.