Name Leronira
Japanese レロニラ
Romaji reronira
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 7, Episode 1
Age Unknown
Occupation LG Round Officer
Major Relationships Unknown
Abilities High Intelligence
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Leronira is one of the most prominent LGT dealers in the Manga, and the only one in the first season of the Drama. He is voiced by Kiyama Shigeo in the latter.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Leronira Drama

Leronira's Puppet in the Drama

In the Manga, Leronira is lanky and has combed black hair. He wears the Liar Game Uniform and a white Venetian mask to hide his identity. Its forehead is marked by a third eye symbol.

In the drama, he appears as a puppet, parodying the Saw film franchise. He has pale white skin and puffed cheeks, along with a fixed smile and an overall unsettling demeanor.

In both, Leronira carries his orders diligently in the presence of Players, giving them game instructions and observing them. He is one of the more intelligent of the Officers, understanding most of the things that go on in the game before others even notice them, once even saying that he understands Akiyama Shinichi's thought pattern very well (ch194). He also seems to root for Kanzaki Nao as the game goes on.

In the drama, he appears in the video that tells Kanzaki the rules of the first game.