Liar Game was adapted into a live action series directed by Hiroaki Matsuyama, Ayako Taiboku, and began airing in Japan on April 14, 2007. It featured Erika Toda as Kanzaki Nao, and Shota Matsuda as Akiyama Shinichi, and showed up to the third game. Liar Game was overall 11 episodes long, with its finale 3 hours long, which is a first for a drama series. It has also gained the second highest viewer satisfaction rating, for the season, in an Oricon survey. In April 2009, it was announced that a second season for the drama adaptation and a live action movie. The second season began airing in November 2009 and concluded on January 19, 2010, spanning nine episodes. A movie entitled "Liar Game: The Final Stage" debuted on March 6, 2010.

At the end of fall of 2011, Matsuda Shota, Tabe Mikako, Ashida Mana and others started filming a movie named Liar Game -Reborn-. Will hit the theaters in Sping 2012.