Makihara Yuki
[[Makihara Yuki|250px]]
Name Makihara Yuki
Japanese マキハラユキ
Romaji makihara yuki
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 7
Age 33
Occupation Housewife
Major Relationships Husband (Not seen)
Abilities N/A
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Makihara Yuki was No. 7 in the Second Round of the Liar Game Tournament and one of the six who joined Kanzaki Nao's group.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Yuki has short hair represented by white and her irises are represented by black. She wears glasses and plain clothes. She tends to be rather quiet and unemotional, only speaking when she is truly interested with the topic at hand. She also has a habit for gambling.


After getting married, she became completely hooked on pachinko. This gambling habit is so bad that she repeatedly borrowed money from loan sharks. Even though this debt has grown exponetially, she has kept it a secret from her husband.


Round IIEdit

Yuki was one of the six chosen to be in Nao's group, chosen because she was female and therefore couldn't possibly be Mr. X. She voted "No" in the first round, and was subsequently eliminated. She was able to drop out thanks to the efforts of Nao and Akiyama.