Matsubara Fumio
Name Matsubara Fumio
Romaji matsubara fumio
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 7
Age 57
Occupation Manager of a Metal Factory
Major Relationships Unknown
Abilities N/A
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Matsubara Fumio was No. 4 in the Second Round of the Liar Game Tournament and one of the six contestants to join Kanzaki Nao's group.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Matsubara is a rather old man with short white hair and glasses, who appears dressed in a smart shirt and pants. Matsubara is a rather friendly man who likes to talk, but at the same time is very traditional in the way he thinks, shown when he thought of committing suicide when he ran into debt. Despite his harmless appearance he can still be rather deceitful, shown when he managed to steal money from his opponent in the first round.


During the recession Matsubara's company fell into a slump and he was forced to keep it afloat using loans, which steadily built up a large debt. It got so bad that he and his family considered committing suicide, but then he received an invitation to the Liar Game Tournament. Matsubara was relieved and immediately signed up, managing to steal 20 million yen from his opponent in the first round, which he used to pay off half his debt. He was then forced to continue on to Round II as he couldn't pay the cost to drop out.


Round IIEdit

Matsubara appears in the second round of the tournament and speaks to Nao, explaining to her the reasons why he was there. He was later picked to join Nao and Akiyama's team asit was impossible for him to fit the description of Mr. X (who was described as a young man). He voted "yes" during the first round of voting and passed through to the second, along with Nao, Akiyama and Hitomi. Despite Nao wanting to vote with Akiyama it was decided that she and Matsubara would both vote "no". Yes was the minority that round so both were eliminated. Matsubara was later able to pay off his debts thanks to the money Akiyama won and shared amongst his team.