Michiko Takada
Name Michiko Takada
Japanese N/A
Romaji N/A
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 8
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Major Relationships None
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Michiko Takada is a participant of the Liar Game Tournament who was cheated out of 100 million yen by Fukunaga Yuji. She is a minor character, but is important to the story.


Round IIEdit

Takada had beaten her unknown opponent in the first round and managed to steal 100 million yen from her opponent. When she went to the mansion where the second round was taking place, she handed a cheque for 100 million yen to the first attendant she could find to free herself from the Liar Game. However, the attendant turned out to be fellow participant, Fukunaga Yuji, so Akiyama Shinichi plays in her stead as her representative.

Revival Round IIIEdit

After the fourth round, Akiyama decides to drop out of the Liar Game, freeing Takada from the tournament at last.