Mikamoto Mika, nicknamed Office Lady, was a participant in the Fourth Round. She is currrently competing in Revival Round III.

Mikamoto Mika
Name Mikamoto Mika
Japanese N/A
Romaji mikamoto mika
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 103
Age Unknown
Occupation Peaceful Paradise Founder
Major Relationships Harimoto Takashi, Kimura Kei, Abe Yukiko (Peaceful Paradise Cult)
Abilities Scamming, Manipulation
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Appearance & PersonalityEdit

She wears glasses, and wears her hair in a bun. Also, she wears clothes that an office worker would. She is a member of the Peaceful Paradise Cult, and is referred as the "800 year old one". She follows every order Harimoto Takashi without fail.

Liar Game, Round 4Edit