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Nam Da-jung is one of the main protagonists of the Korean drama adaptation of Liar Game. She is portrayed by Kim So-eun.


Invitation to the Liar GameEdit

Na Da-jung first appears, as she frantically rushes to her work before she is stopped by a woman. Unbeknownst to Da Jung, the woman was an actor who was placed in the centre to test if people can join the new reality tv show, Liar Game. The woman asks for directions, but Da Jung responds that she is in a rush. She walks off but hesitates for a moment. After a small amount of deliberation, she returns to the woman and asits her. Da Jung protects her directs her to where she wants to go. She also helps her carry her bag until the woman exclaims that she needs to go to the restroom. While the woman leaves, Da-jung watches the bag until she returns. After an hour, the woman doesn't return and Da Jung becomes worried. She searches for her but with, but with no luck, she calls Sung-ja; who tells her that she should leave it there. But Na-jung dithers about what to do. Therefore, Sung-ja suggests she should open the bag and to Na jung's amazement she finds a large amount of money inside.

Unsure of what to do, Na Da-jung brings the money to her home. She counts the money to a total sum of 500 million dollars. Tempted by the money, she contemplates whenever to use it herself. But reminds herself that she must find the owner. She decides to take a nap of the money, until she is awoken by the sound of Jo Dal-goo knocking on the door. She desperately attempts to hide the money in the bag, before he enters. However, Dal Goo is insistent and asks for food. Da jung lies and explains that she is changing. Still persistent, Dal goo finds the spare key to her apartment. Luckily, Da-jung finishes hiding the money; except for a smaller wad of cash under her bed. To avert suspicion, Da Jung pretends to change and becomes angry at Dal Goo as he enters—she begins to throw numerous objects at him to force him to leave. After nearly throwing a picture frame, Da Jung surrenders into cooking a meal for him.

Comparison to the MangaEdit

  • Nam Da-jung is based on Kanzaki Nao. To fit the South Korean setting, the names of the characters have been switched to a Korean name.
  • Da-jung is older than her manga counterpart. Nao is 18, while Da Jung is 25.