Name Solario
Japanese ソラリオ
Romaji sorario
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 60, Episode 12
Age Unknown
Occupation LG Round Officer
Major Relationships Unknown
Abilities Unknown
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Solario is the dealer of the Revival Round II in the Manga, and of the Fourth Round in the Drama. He is voiced by Kiyama Shigeo in the latter.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Solario Drama

Solario's Puppet in the Drama

In the Manga, he appears very similar to Leronira, wearing a suit and tie and a Reneissance-style mask. His mask has an insignia of flames over the right eye, and his hair stands up quite a bit more than that of Leronira. In the drama, he, like Leronira, is represented by a puppet. Solario's puppet, however, has a round globe for a head, one side representing the sun with flames sticking out of the side, and the other representing night, so as to give off the "Sun/Moon" sides of the Drama's Round 4. His eyes are modeled opposite of their sides, i.e. the sun side has a dark eye. The mouth is red and black, and he wears a suit and bowtie.

In both, he appears only briefly via television to give the rules before disappearing until the next round, so we do not get much of a sense of his personality. It is worth noting, however, that Solario's screen is much larger than Leronira's in the Drama.