Vivy is an author from an unknown country who was murdered by the government around 20 years prior to the events of the second Liar Game Tournament. He is the author of "Liar Game", the novel that almost started a revolution, and also the novel which the Liar Game Tournament is based on.

Past Edit

Vivy lived in an unknown country where the wealth was monopolized by the few people in power, and a great number of citizens languished in poverty. The situation was only getting worse. This country would suppress anyone who expressed their dissent, and therefore was a country ruled by fear. Vivy was among the few people who would boldly oppose the authorities.

While Vivy did not openly criticize the system, his books would always feature a protagonist fearlessly tackling an immense evil. Vivy's works sent a strong message to the public by delving into the worst parts of human nature, and therefore ignited the desire in people to fight against the unjust authorities. Vivy was revered as an anti-government charismatic hero.

Around 25 years prior to the events of the second Liar Game Tournament, Vivy wrote the Liar Game novel, whcih was made to consist of three volumes. However, the third volume did not make it past the censorship inspection. The government deemed the contents of the book too dangerous, and destroyed all copies of the book.

After this incident, Vivy never published anything again. Vivy died soon after, and the public was told that he died of an illness, but in reality he was murdered by the government.