Yasukawa Yasuhiko, nicknamed Baldy, was a participant in the Fourth Round. He is currently competing in Revival Round III.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

He is short, bald, and wears a collared shirt. He is very short tempered, and has vehemently opposed Akiyama Shinichi and his alliance since the end of the Fourth Round. He will do whatever it takes to eliminate him from the game.

Yasukawa Yasuhiko
Name Yasukawa Yasuhiko
Japanese N/A
Romaji yasukawa yasuhiko
General Information
First Appearance Chapter 83
Age Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Major Relationships Harimoto Takashi, Yokoya Norihiko, Akiyama Shinichi
Abilities Manipulation
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Fourth Round

Yasuhiko stole Makizono Kazuya's chair in the first period. Yasukawa Yasuhiko was recruited to join Akiyama's team in the prep time during the second period. Through the second period to the end of the 15th period he stayed with the team. When the time came that Akiyama's team was short a chair, he threatened to betray them if they forced him to join the Gaya. In the 16th period when he runs to find his chair it is gone and he is informed by Fukunaga Yuji that the team decided to out him from the group. This leaves Yasukawa with no information about where the chairs are currently located. Yasukawa approaches Yokoya and gives him the numbers of Akiyama's groups chairs and after pressing from Yokoya, also reveals how many medals each group member has left. Yokoya promises Baldy that if he follows his orders loyally he will give Baldy 5 of his medals, leaving Baldy with 500 million yen at the end of the game if Yokoya wins. Yasukawa goes on Yokoya's behalf to deal with Akiyama's group. He tells Nao that the Yokoya group will vote for her if she destroys chair #12, Harimoto's chair. Nao instead destroys chair #15, one of Yokoya's chairs. Yasuhiko ends up losing the fourth round with no money at the end of the game as he had none of the winners medals. 

Revival Round IIIEdit

Yasukawa ends up in Stage A along with Akiyama, Nao and Harimoto's group. He teams up with Harimoto in order to get revenge on Akiyama's group again. Once his part in the plot is revealed he has his designated lot stolen away from him by Shimoharada. He ends the original bidding round with no cards. After Harimoto and Akiyama both discard their five extra cards Yasukawa spends 233 gold coins in bidding for Lot A, gaining five cards. Later Shimoharada makes an alliance with Yasukawa to do a card exchange, but this is reported to Harimoto's group by Kawai and Harimoto's group outbid to gain the cards.